Campaign of the Month: April 2022

A Rising Darkness

The Dragon's Graveyard Session 1
Arriving in Waterdeep, Vito led the group to The Elven Pantheon, seeking out a temple to Llewellyn Moonsinger. There the priestess resurrected Vanessa Damocles. Vito then arranged to meet with his mother for dinner, friends invited as well, and the group made their way to Blackstaff Tower, meeting there with Khelben.

Thannilos gave Khelben Avshar’s Phylactery to hold on to. After securing it vai means that would prevent Avshar from detecting it, the group then discussed with Khelben Avernus, and The Dragon’s Graveyard.

According to Khleben, The Graveyard was where the remains of slain dragons were transported after their death to be reborn by Tiamat. The realm itself was surrounded by Everest sized mountains, and only accessible, traditionally, by dragons. Avernus itself could either be accessed via Sigil, the City of Doors, as well as a portal rumored ot be outside Baldur’s Gate somewhere, as well as a very well protected and secured one in Myth Drannor. Finally, Khelben also told them of the possibility of “convincing” an evil Old Wyrm to transport them to and from the graveyard as such dragons could access the graveyard whenever they chose. Khleben also informed them that Allanon Hadeshorn was actually Hades, Lord of the Underworld, who agreed to destroy the Phylactery when needed. Khleben then provided them with a crystal to let him know Avshar has been defeated.

After departing Khelben’s and doing some shopping, Sylmara cast a Legend Lore to get information regarding the portal outside Baldur’s Gate. She received a vision of a huge obelisk, from which Baldur’s Gate could be seen behind, many miles off, the sun setting behind the obelisk. There was a central spire, about 200’ high, surrounded by eight smaller obelisks about 50’ high, each marked with the sigil of one of the schools of magic. Frozen in ice between each of the Eight smaller obelisks was a storm giant. As the sun set and night began, the smaller obelisks flashed one at a time – Conjuration, Evocation, Abjuration, Transmutation, Divination, Enchantment, Illusion, and Necromancy. A door then began to open in the central obelisk, and the vision ended.

Before Leaving, the group met for dinner with Vanessa. An pleasant evening was enjoyed by all, and upon the evening’s end, Vanessa gave Vito a feather from the cloak of her father, the god Varn Damocles, that would allow him and his companions to escape from anywhere once.

The next morning, Zath’riss cast Teleport Circle, and the group found themselves outside Mystra’s Temple in Baldur’s Gate. The group relaxed in an inn while Samara spent time in her Temple learning what little she could about the supposed gate. The next morning, the group departed Baldur’s Gate

As the group discussed what to do once they got into Avernus in regards to finding the Graveyard, Sylmara recalled that The Well of Dragons, rested within the Fortress of The Cult of the Dragon, was near Goldshire. A second Legend Lore revealed that the Well tapped directly into The Graveyard and was how Dracoliches were created, and therefore the group could leap into the Well to get directly to the Graveyard.

After some discussion, the group decided to take their chances with The Obelisk. Arriving there, the Obelisk appeared exactly as in the vision, Zath’riss and Sylmara examined the runes on the main obelisk, recognizing the ancient magical language of Netheril, but none we able to read it and it was immune to magical translation means. Figuring out which arcane spells were to be utilized, the group took a long rest to memorize the needed spells. The next morning the group took up their positions to attempt to activate the gate and deal with its guardians.



The Final Frontier Session 4
Combat with the Astral Skavers and Cosmic Horrors continued. Beat up and bedraggled, the group spent the remaining week of the voyage back to Waterdeep resting and recovering.

During the voyage back, Samara brought up the possibility of compensating Captain Flynn for his assistance and losses assisting the group, with some of the magical items the group as well as cash. The group agreed on giving The Fury: Cloak of Protection, Wand of Paralysis, Wand of the warmage, and Boots of Speed.

Arriving in Waterdeep, Vito led the group to The Elven Pantheon, seeking out a temple to Llewellyn Moonsinger. There the priestess resurrected Vanessa Damocles. Vito then arranged to meet with his mother for dinner, friends invited as well, and the group made their way to Blackstaff Tower, meeting there with Khelben.

Thannilos gave Khelben Avshar’s Phylactery to hold on to. After securing it vai means that would prevent Avshar from detecting it, the group then discussed with Khelben Avernus, and The Dragon’s Graveyard.

According to Khleben, The Graveyard was where the remains of slain dragons were transported after their death to be reborn by Tiamat. The realm itself was surrounded by Everest sized mountains, and only accessible, traditionally, by dragons. Avernus itself could either be accessed via Sigil, the City of Doors, as well as a portal rumored ot be outside Baldur’s Gate somewhere, as well as a very well protected and secured one in Myth Drannor. Finally, Khelben also told them of the possibility of “convincing” an evil Old Wyrm to transport them to and from the graveyard as such dragons could access the graveyard whenever they chose. Khleben also informed them that Allanon Hadeshorn was actually Hades, Lord of the Underworld, who agreed to destroy the Phylactery when needed. Khleben then provided them with a crystal to let him know Avshar has been defeated.

(Episode Concluded Here)



The Final Frontier Session 3
Combat with the dragons continued. Following the battle, the group healed up and recovered the following:
387.500 gp

Amulet of the Drunkard
Bead of Force
Boomerang, +3
Broom of Flying
Daern’s Instant Fortress
Dwarven Plate
Gold Canary Figurine of Wondrous Power
Horseshoes of a Zephyr
Necklace of Fireballs
Ring of Water Walking
Sentinel Shield
Vicious Rapier, +1
Boots of Speed
Cloak of Displacement
Helm of Brilliance
Mantle of Spell Resistance
Robe of the Archmagi
12 Potions Superior Healing
8 Potion of Healing
Chest of very old scrolls
Avshar’s Phylactery

The chest contained a dozen very ancient scrolls, which crumbled mostly to dust at touch, however a single piece of parchment was recovered with the following written on it:
When Phos’ Light is chased from the sky by His Darkness
When the sky weeps for those who are gone
Then shall the barriers between the In-Between and Reality be at their weakest
Then is the time of evil magics.
When His followers are at their height
And He can answer their call with His full fury and power
It is then that all those who stand for The Light must be on their guard
When great deeds will be done against His power
And only then can He be truly vanquished from Reality
Krispos the First, Emperor of Videssoes and High Priest of Phos

Based on knowledge gained during their time in Videssoes, the group deduced the In-Between was The Astral Plane, Reality was The Prime Material, and that the time of the Ritual was most likely The Feast of the Moon (aka The WInter Solstice), which is 3 months and 4 days away.

Leaving behind the cave that the group fought the dragons in, the group spent several hours making their way out of the ruins of a crashed Star Destroyer. Emerging outside they realized they were obviously on a different planet, same sphere, as all they could see were flat, snow covered plains and freezing temperatures. The Instant Fortress was then raised and the group took shelter from the approaching blizzard. The group then took a Long Rest.

The next morning the group discovered they were buried under 4-5’ of Snow. Zath’riss used a Telepathy to contact Captain Flynn, to come and pick them up. It took another day before The Fury arrived, and the group shrunk the fortress and flew up to the Spelljammer. The Fury then began the 5 week journey back to Chornalth and Waterdeep.

1 week out of Chronalthspace, The Fury was attacked by a Cosmic Horror and 3 Void Skavers



The Final Frontier Session 2
The group proceeded to follow the psychic imprint towards the mountains at the Island’s center. The remainder of the day was spent working their way towards the mountains. As the sun began to set, Zath’riss summoned a Tiny Hut for the group to camp in.

Vito’s Raven did not like how the outside world sensed once the sun set. During third watch, Samara and Sylmara noticed several ghostly emaciated elves go floating by, coming from the mountains and heading towards the village. The two watched the things pass their hut by and informed the group of their visitors in the morning.

The group broke camp and spent the day making their way across the island to the foot of the mountains, arriving at sunset. Caves dominated the mountains, with one very VERY large one catching the attention of both Vito and Neria.

the group spent an hour indulging in a Heroes Feast for their dinner, then ventured towards the cave. Thannilos, not having darkvision, used his Gem of Light in his shield to provide light, revealing a humongous opening. Venturing through, and guided by his mother’s singing, Vito led the group along the tunnels another 45 minutes, until they emerged into a huge cavern with a waterfall and river bisecting it. In a cage at the back was Vanessa Damocles, looking alot older than she should be – beaten, malnourished, and semi concious. Standing next to her cage was an astral dreadnought, accompanied by several Astral Wraiths (the elves from the previous evening). Combat ensued, during which Vanessa Damocles was killed accidentally by a Dawn spell from Zath’riss.

Neria teleported into the cage, retrieving the body of Vanessa Damocles, then used Knock to escape the cage. Sylmara apologized to Vito for failing to save Vanessa. Vito commented on how she was fine until the Dawn spell went off, glaring at Zath’riss as he did. Samara tried to calm the situation by pointing out that Zath’riss had no way of knowing there was an illusion, and he was trying to save Vanessa. The following was recovered from the contents of the Astral Dreadnought:
Bag of Beans
Bag of Holding
Boots of False Tracks
Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals
Cape of the Mountebank
Chromatic Rose
Efreeti Bottle
Wind Fan
Cloak of Arachnida
Robe of Scintillating Colors

Vito then began pushing the half digested corpses into the river, Sylmara finally raising and objection after 20. While this was discussed, Vito continued dumping corpses, Flit joining him. The group then exited the cave and Zath’riss summoned a Magnificent Mansion.

The next morning. after leaving the mansion, the group had Samara attempt to Speak with Vanessa corpse, but she was unable to reach her due to what she called “Divine Static”

Vito then opened the Efreeti Bottle, and the Efreeti (Barbara Eden) appeared, bowing and asking how to serve him. She clarified he had three wishes, and he first tried to use one to bring Vanessa back to life – to which she responded "I’m sorry MAster, there are a few provisios I forgot to mention…I Can’t kill anyone, can’t make people fall in love and can’t bring anyone back from the dead, its icky.

Vito then wished for him and the group to be taken to Avshar’s Phylactery. She nodded, blinked, and the group found themselves between two eating Lunar Dragons. Combat ensued..



The Final Frontier Session 1a
Taking their leave Khelben, the group got rooms at The Welcoming Princess. Contacting Captain Flynn, they learned it would be a week before he returned to Waterdeep. A week later, The Fury arrived in Waterdeep, and the group met Captain Flynn, telling him of their desire to go to Aratsym, the world where Vanessa Damocles was wrecked, Flynn agreed, saying he needed 2-3 days to prepare the ship for the journey.

Two days later the group departed Waterdeep aboard the Fury. Captain Flynn informed his passengers that the voyage would take approximately a month to reach the system. About a week after departing Chornalth Space, the ship was attacked by three solar dragons, one being ridden by a man in black robes who shouted “In the name of Skotos, you shall die!” Combat then ensued

Following the combat, two days were spent repairing the damage from the dragons to The Fury. Three weeks later, The Fury arrived in system and made its way to Aratsym, the planet that the Phylactery was, and where Vanessa Damocles was marooned. The village had been destroyed, and what few bodies were found appeared to have died of extremely old age. In addition, the dessicated remains of the two children from Vito’s vision. Flit hammered the time of destruction down to 3 months. The group then proceeded to burn the bodies and then look for evidence of where Vanessa went.

Outside Vanessa’s hut, Neria sensed a psionic imprint, feeling very cold. Neria sensed it moving towards Vito, who heard Vanessa humming a lullaby. Sylmara and Neria sensed it moving towards Vito, who now recognized his mother singing a lullaby from his childhood. Further investigation showed that it was heading towards the mountains at the center of the island

(Session Ended Here)



Memories In The Moonlight Session 4
Following the battle with the reapers and Fraal priest, the group tied up the fraal priest, while Neria examined the doorway for traps. Finding no traps, she opened the door. Red lights were seen strobing in the ceiling and several of the storage units were emitting smoke.

Neria opened one, to have a (xenomorph) facehugger jump out. Sylmara quickly killed it. It was at this point the group noticed several of the panels were askew. Samara confirmed the computer in the room was destroyed,

The group then noticed that many of the container panels on the wall were askew, obviously having been forced and then closed again. Opening a random one set off a concussion grenade rigged as a trap. Another found five small flame gems (1000gp each)

A locate object spell from Zath’riss detected it as 1000’ above him, moving north. Returning to the turbolift shaft, the group flew upwards to the fourth level. There a food replicator was discovered, which Samara examined and said it had been converted to a low level transporter. Samara said it looked like it had been used to beam something away, or to destroy something.

Zath’riss then cast teleport circle (twice, as the first failed) and everyone took it to the basement of Blackstaff Tower in Waterdeep. Meeting with Khelben, they informed him of their success and failures, and asked him to hold on to the containment field generator. The group then began plans for making their way to rescue Vito’s mother and recover Avshar’s Phylactery.

(Episode Concluded here)



Memories In The Moonlight Session 3
Neria opened the hatch in the ceiling of the lift, revealing a shaft with a ladder. Climbing up it 100’ they came to a door labeled “Level B5”. Neria used Knock from her cloak to open the door revealing a 100’ long white corridor, with red doors every 30’ on both sides. After everyone got up, Neria pressed random buttons, closing the door. The plaque next to the door said “Turboshaft 2”. The one at the other end said “Turboshaft 1”

After some experimenting with the panel by Neria and Sylmara, Zath’riss cast knock on the turboshaft. The car was not there, but up another 150’ to the next floor. Neria entered the shaft first, just as the car above began to move downward. Neria dove back as the car arrived, discharging 6 Fraal Security officers, wearing red shirts and bearing strange wands that they pointed at everyone, with sword hilts attached to their hips. Combat ended when the electrical damage dealt to the car caused it to drop, taking the rungs of the ladder with it.

Levitating/Flying, the group went down the shaft 300’ at a red door. Vito forced the door open, and Neria tried to go through the opening, hitting a force field which electrocuted her. Neria then shorted out the panel next to the doorway. She then tossed a coin through the opening, however, passing through, the field was still there and electrocuted Neria again.

As they worked on this, the group heard the sounds of the “wands” being fired. 600’ down, they found bloody pancakes in the ruined car and a door at the bottom of the shaft, they found the door from it exploded open, with a corridor of a dozen dead red-shirted fraal.

The corridor ended at an a 40/x40, room, empty except for a square metal pedestal in the middle, with a shaft of light stretching down on it. Dust on the floor revealed prints coming in and out, as well as something having been removed from the pedestal. Flit’s tracking ended with evidence of something teleporting away.

At this point, Samara dropped to the floor, unconscious. The smelling salts in Samara‘s Healer’s Kit were used to revive her. After a few minutes of babbling incoherently, Samara awoke with her apparent memories of Thessia, claiming she grew up here and new where the items they needed to fight Avshar were located.

Samara led the group up four levels and down several corridors, to a transport station, which she then used to send the group to a building in the center of The Memory. She then pointed to a building across from the one they were in, about several thousand feet up it.

Using Silence and Invisibility. and with Samara’s assistance, the group made their way into the security tower. Samara guided them to a lift and opened the doors, which caught the attention of a guard who initiated a Thermal Scan. She then led the group to a stairwell and they began the climb to the 86th floor.

Neria disabled the security on the door, and was able to unlock it, with Samara‘s assistance, revealing another bland 200’ long corridor, lined with doors every 40’ . A securty guard at the end was shot at by Thannilos, who became visible as he missed. Neria then charged down the 200’, causing everyone to be visible and in a dead magic zone, to pointlessly backstab the psychic immune guard withher psychic blades.

As Neria opened the door to the room on the left and the group got inside. As the door shut, the group heard the distinct. Samara tried to locate the panel with the device, but she did not have the computer access needed. Neria started picking panels open, eventually finding the Suppression Field Generator. The group then ventured out into the corridor to face the summoned reapers. Combat ensued.

)Session concluded with the end of combat)



Memories In The Moonlight Session 2
The conversation with Khelben continued, Khelben providing them with information regarding fully awakening their items of Power – via a pool within the Dragon’s Graveyard in Tiamat’s Domain in the First Level of Hell. Following this the archmage warned the group that the vision that Vito received of his mother could be a trap. Sylmara then told Khelben regarding the two devices that they learned could be used against Avshar. Khelben warned them regarding The Memories, the creatures that lie within, as well as the protectors of The Memories.

The group discussed their next actions with Khelben – Recovering the Phylactery and Vito‘s Mother, Recovering the Blade of the High Inquisitor from The Memory of Thessia, or journeying to Argrast’s Tower in the Lands of Desolation for additional information on Avshar.

As the group debated on traveling to The Lands of Desolation to Argrast’s Tower, to find information on The Blade of The High Inquisitor, as the group has no idea what said Blade looks like, Khelben suggested that they could shadow Sarya and/or Azshara as they attempted to recover The Blade, and acquiring the artifact for Avshar. Khelben has also insinuated that he might be able to track down the group after The Blade, and Sylmara suggested he do so,

Khelben excused himself and Laeral explained that it would be some time. The group returned to their Inn to await the results of Khelben‘s search. In the early evening, the group was summoned back to Khelben’s Tower. Khelben had been able to trackLady Sarya and her party from Helgabal to the Memory of Thessia.

ContactingCaptain Flynn, the group made arrangements for transportation to and from Thessia via his Spelljammer. The next morning they rode the Spelljammer up into orbit followed by another day’s travel back down to the border, about 4-5 hours walk from the point where Sarya entered The Memory. After dropping the group off, Flynn and The Fury departed.

Surrounded by grasslands, the Memory from the land surrounding it, the remnants of arcologies and monorail systems towering above them, visible for days away from the Memory itself.

Zath’riss summoned a Tiny Hut in a nearby gully and the group rested for the evening. During the first watch – Thannilos and Zath’riss, Zath’riss sensed someone or something was watching the campsite. During the third watch, Sylmara and Samara heard a terrifying wail in the night

Combat ensued. After dispatching their foes, the group completed their rest.

The next morning, they ventured onward. After traveling the four hours to the edge of the Memory, they entered. The first thing they noticed after they passed over the border of the Memory, was that several of their magic items ceased to work while they were within the Memory’s influence, and then they took notice that the building clustered at the center of the Memory seemed to be in full repair and functionality.

Flit, with Vito‘s assistance, was able to track Sarya’s group as they made their way towards the center of the Memory. They followed the tracks for several hours, coming across the remnants of several resapers and what they thought were Sarya’s group. Samara kept murmuring how things seemed familiar, and they found a concealed hatch in the ground that they investigated.

As Neria opened the hatch, the door spoke, “Welcome Agent 347”. Climbing down into a 40×40×50′ chamber, the rest joining shortly after. The northern wall was dominated by a large piece of glass that looked out on a wall, the other three walls dominated by walls of buttons, lights, switches, and nobs, all beeping, and whirring, and buzzing. Neria used a scroll of Comprehend languages and was able to activate the view screen. Sylmara found a switch labeled “voice Activation” and swiped it and a voice rang out, “Identification please.” Neria then proceeded to BS her way into getting the computer to assist her. Eventually, Flit could no longer resist his curiosity and pressed a button that caused the computer to file a report with Central Command, who responded with an alert and having the computer ask “Agent 347” to remain. Vito looked at Neria and asked, “Is it now time to break things?” Thannilos forced the hatch open and 20 seconds later, the chamber self destructed, causing an earthquake.

Samara had a nervous breakdown, withZath’riss calming her down. Vito and Thannilos then felt compelled to stand up and shout “We’re over here!” and wave their arms. Once the psi attack was broken, the group fled into the ruins. Making their way to where they saw on the viewscreen was the last fight location, Flit was able to track Sarya’s group.

The tracks ended at another hatch, this one ripped from its chassis. The group went down this hatch, and revealed a broken ladder into a corridor with a flickering light source in the ceiling. The corridor ended at a red door with a ST:TNG style panel of numbers and letters. The group then entered a turbolift that was broken by the forced entry.

(Session cOncluded Here)



Memories In The Moonlight Session 1
As the group headed down to the docks to find a ship to take to Waterdeep, they spotted The Wavecrest. Hailing the crew left on board, they were informed that Captain Flynn was enjoying a drink with Soleil, his first mate, at The Disarmed Sauhugin.

Entering the Inn, Captain Flynn spotted the group and waved them over, inviting them to sit and buying a round of drinks. Following some social talk, the group asked for passage to Waterdeep, and he agreed for a modest fee (30g ea), After another round of drink, this time bought by the group, and several hours conversation, the group returned to their inn to wait the 3 days until The Wavecrests’ repairs were completed.

Four weeks into the five week journey (an extra week’s travel due to the ongoing war between Athenia/Gondor and The Klingons), several demons were gated on to the ship (Pit Fiend, Marilith, 2 glabrezu, and 2 Hezrou) attacked. Combat ensued. The group emerged victorious and the ship suffered minor damage.

2 Days out of Waterdeep, a flying galleon (spelljammer) attacked from the sky. A fierce battle ensued between the Wavecrest and the pirate ship, until a shot from the pirates, opened a 20’ diameter hole that went through the ship to the lowest deck and set it aflame. Captain Flynn ordered his crew to the railing to board the pirate ship, and it was obvious he considered The Wavecrest lost and intended to take the pirate ship in recompense. In addition, Sylmara recognized the Sun Elf commanding the pirates as Liadrin Sunstriker, a former student of hers who bore a loathing and hatred for the Night Elf Bladesinger. As the ships pulled alongside each other, Liadrin saw Sylmara and shouted “Sylmara! You lying bitch! Prepare to face your doom and your death!” With the captains death, the crew fled (plane shifting githyanki) or surrendered.

The following was recovered from the body of Liadrin:
Belt of Storm Giant Strength
Longsword, +3
Potion of Speed
Longsword of Wounding
Cloak of Protection
Mithral Plate
Myth Drannan Wand of Magic Missiles
6 Potion of Healing (Greater)
Potion of Psychic Resistance
Potion of Radiant Resistance

The group gave the spelljammer (The Fury) to Captain Flynn to replace his sunk Wavecrest, and allowed him to share most of the monetary spoils among the survivors of his crew. As the group searched the ship, Vito discovered several star charts of various Spheres/systems, including the Sakitus system, which was of importance to him personally.

Two days later The fury sailed in to Waterdeep Harbor. Getting rooms at The King’s Arms Inn, the group then proceeded to Blackstaff Tower. Arriving at the tower, the group was admitted immediately, met at the door by Laeral. The group was then teleported form the Study to the Library. Drinks and snacks were provided and as Khelben sat down he looked at the group askance.

Thannilos introduced Flit, then Neria opened the conversation regarding the power keys. Khelben shared that Sarya and Azshara recovered The Tidestone from Gondor, for Avshar. He also told them of Jaroset of Athenia, who with some adventurers, recovered The Heart of Chornalth, and had taken it aboard a spelljammer, The Feckless Pidgeon. Vito then shared his mental communication with his mother, Vanessa. He revealed that he knew what system his mother was in, and the fact that Vito discovered charts to that sphere.

(Session ended here)



In Pursuit of Death Session 5
Combat with the Dracolich continued. During the battle, the dracolich felled Vito (2 chips to prevent permadeath) and hurled Sylmara into the lava – who was unable to save herself due to the drawbacks of the haste spell she was under. The dracolich also grabbed Neria and hurled her into the lava.

After defeating the dracolich, the group recovered the following from it’s horde:
42,178gp in gems and jewelry (gold was slagged by the multiple magma geysers)
Crystalline Chronicle
Frost Brand Longsword
Ingot of the Skold Rune
Spellguard Shield
Alchemy Jug
20 Ammunition, +3 (Arrows)
Carpet of Flying
Sovereign Glue

After recovering the horde and dividing up items, the group teleported back to Baldur’s Gate, via the Temple of Mystra’s teleport circle, cast by Samara. As the group entered the temple, they were approached by The High Priest, who smiled as he saw the Staff of Midnite, even as Sylmara gave it to him. (Mystra granted each character the effects of a bless and aid, with stacking effects, for their next combat)

Leaving the temple, the group found a nice (wealthy) Inn, The Smiling Merchant, resting up, cleaning up, and enjoying a good meal. Early the next morning, after eating their morning Heroes Feast, Sylmara, Vito, and Neria went clothes shopping (being their clothes were destroyed by magma).

Rumors flew that The Klingon Empire was making plans of invading Baldur’s Gate (apparently from the Sea) and therefore potion costs were high. as the group went looking to buy potions. The group then proceeded to spend the next month as several people ordered armor and shields to be custom made.

During the month in Baldur’s Gate, the Klingon Empire did in fact invade the city, starting a war between Athenia and The Klingons. This caused the group to spend 5 weeks in Baldur’s Gate. The Kingdom of Gondor sent naval forces to assist their ally, Athenia. The group assisted in fending off the invasion, however this delayed their item orders by a week.

Decding it was best, the group departed for Waterdeep to seek Khelben’s advice, to share information, and to see if the wizard had learned anything new regarding their quest and their enemy.

(Episode Ended Here)