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A Rising Darkness

In Search of Adventure Session 4

After resting the night, the group recovered the meat from the six shriekers that they killed. After doing this, the group returned to Goldshire. On their way back they decided to examine where they had fought the flumphs and fire beetles, and saw that the symbol, which had flashed on trees and vanished, was now burned into the trees.

Upon returning to Goldshire, the group discovered that the people were in a celebratory mood, the Blades of Goldshire had claimed to have cleared out the Caverns NE of Goldshire of the humanoid threat.

Making their way to the Garrison, the group met with Lady Sorsha, to discover that she had already paid The Blades for clearing the Caves and for killing the Bugbear from the Bounty Poster. While she had already paid The Blades for clearing the caves and killing the Bugbear, she still wanted to award the group for their efforts and gave them a bounty of 50 gold.

The group returned to Goldshire, returning to The Dragon’s Pride to examine the Board. Here they encountered Cantiflaas leaving, a daughter of one of the local farmers under his arm – heading in the direction of his tower. After looking over the Board, the group decided to speak with Cantiflaas the next day.

As the group discussed Cantiflaas,Zath’riss thought over the girl the wizard left with, and realized that there was a look to her, one he associated with an enchantment spell – perhaps Charm person. Sensing something wrong, the group headed towards the Mage Tower, where they came across Cantiflaas and his companion on the road.

Jherryth noticed the young woman was far too enamored and amorous with Cantiflaas, and Zath’riss detected enchantment magic on the girl. Getting his attention, they mentioned that they had evidence of who took his scrolls. This caught his attention, and the group implied that The Blades of Goldshire took said items. Cantiflaas looked between the group and the girl, reached into his robe, and tossed a pouch at the feet of the of the group. He then said “I shall look into this tomorrow. That for your information” then put his arm around the girl and continued on.

Thannilos confronted Cantiflaas, insinuating that he used magic to get the girl. He responded “One should remember who represents The King, and who is a scruffy, nothing Adventurer” and then he turned his back and walked away. Zath’riss then said something about his anger letting him take advantage of the girl, and implied the Blades were within his grasp.

The wizard responded to this by giving a pouch to the girl, saying, “Forgive me my dear but there are other things I need to look into tonite”. She looked heart broken, leaving the pouch on the ground as she ran off. Cantiflaas took the pouch, shrugged, and headed off to his tower.

The group picked up the pouch at their feet, finding it contained 7 diamonds (worth 50-100gp) Nerian followed the girl, while the rest turned around and made their way to The Dancing Wolf. Entering into the crowded room, the group was met by Alema Bateen, who said, “I was asked to give this to you if you and your friends showed up, Mr Damocles” and handed Vito a note.

The group got themselves a table and Vito opened the note, taking notice that it was sealed with the official signet of Damocles. Opening the note, it was from his aunt, Adria Damocles “Vito – I have taken notice that you and your companions have recently ceased staying at The Dragon’s Pride in favor of The Dancing Wolf. There is a person I believe you and your companions should meet with, and I would be happy to facilitate such a meeting. Contact me at The Dragon’s Pride, should you choose to meet with this person. Adria Damocles”

At this point, Nerian returned from following the girl safely home. The group had dinner while they discussed the note. The group then got two rooms (for which Samarra voiced a desire to stay at The Dragon’s Pride where she could get a room for herself after tonite). Vito went to The Dragon’s Pride and seeing she was not there, being informed she had left with a middle aged man earlier in the evening. He then left a message with Gwendolyn regarding his looking for her.

The next morning there was a message for Vito when he came down for breakfast, telling him and his companions to be at The Dragon’s Pride at 1PM in the morning. Thannilos headed to the blacksmith to meet with Brindin Anvilarm, about mounting a socket for the Gem of Light on his shield. Brindin estimated a price of 5gp to give him a socket for the Gem. He estimated 2 days for the project. Thannilos looked over the weapons and armor Brindin had on sale, all of it being Masterwork quality.

Heading back to the Dancing Wolf, Thannilos passed the Dragon’s Pride, where he saw three of the embers of The Blades of Goldshire, hastily mounting their horses, minus their leader, Shiherlis, though he did see a frog sitting on the pommel of the saddle of one of the horses.

The group went to see this, arriving as The Blades were heading north on their horses. They made comments at the three, getting a rude gesture from Kurn. They then returned to the Dancing Wolf to finish breakfast

At 1, the group went to the Dragon’s Pride to meet with Adria, where they spotted her and her companion at a table in the corner. The group joined her and she introducedAllanon Hadeshorn, then took her leave and departed. He called himself a traveler and gatherer of information and said Adria had told him about the symbol the group they had encountered.

He then told a tale to the group that he said he had found amongst the tomes of Candlekeep.

Millenia ago, before the cities of Nethril floated above the earth, and before the Great Elven Kingdoms even rose, this world of ours was not three, but one. Created by the Overdeity, Phos, Humans lived, died, and thrived on Chronalth, even to the point of heading a vast, multi-sphere spanning, empire.

Opposing the power of the Creator God, Phos, was Skotos – a being of equal power, with a desire to destroy everything in his wake. A vile, evil creature, who was worshiped by beings of equal wickedness and evil. And his followers had an empire which spanned Spheres, and rivaled that of Phos’ followers.

The wars between the two powers devastated worlds, and brought down upon the two Empires the wrath of the many pantheons throughout the Spheres. Eventually, to prevent the utter destruction of his followers (as well as those of Skotos), Phos sacrificed a vast amount of his power to destroy Skotos, while imprisoning his most powerful follower, in the Ice of the Lowest of Baator’s Nine Levels.

In addition, to protect Chornalth, and his people, from the Wrath of The Pantheons, Phos placed his followers into a kind of stasis, shattered Chornalth into the three worlds we know now, and erased all memory of what those few who know of this history call The First Incarnation, from those who followed both Skotos and The Pantheons..

Following The Shattering, and the End of The First Incarnation, while the Great Elven Kingdoms of Aryvandaar, Illefarn, and Miyeritar were still in their infancy, Phos awoke a select group of humans from The First Incarnation, and with his guidance, they founded The Empire of Videssoes, on Beregond. At its height, Videssoes encompassed the lands we now know as Cormanthor, The Boronian Empire, and the lands surrounding The Sea of Fallen Stars.

However, as the centuries passed, more and more of The Pantheons came to the three worlds, and Phos was slowly forgotten. As his power continued to wane, Netheril, jealous of any who could rival its own accomplishments and power, utterly destroyed Videssoes, and several of its Arcanists ventured to the outer planes, and using artifacts now lost to Time and The Planes, destroyed Phos completely.

That symbol that you have discovered, is the Mark of Skotos. At the height of his power, the God of Pure Evil could assume two forms. The first was a human, clad head to toe in black armor, bearing a spear whose head was of darkest night, the shaft covered in Hellish red runes, and a shield of matching hue, that reflected the worst fears and nightmares of those whose reflection is shown. Known as The Deathbringer, in this form, Skotos often appeared astride a multi-headed dragon, who strongly resembled that of Tiamat or Takhisis.

The second form was his preferred form, a divine appearing feathered serpent, almost resembling the coatl of Maztica, but with translucent wings, and softer hues. The Deceiver, as this form was known, was the form he assumed when trying to convert beings to his worship and will.

Jherryth lifted up his tunic then and showed Allanon the Godsmark he bore, asking about what it was. Allanon said it was the symbol of Hermes and it designated him as chosen for something by Hermes.

Torg brought up the prophecy of Alaundo in their nightmare, and Allanon confirmed that Alaundo was a great prophet whose prophecies of the ages had all proven true so far. When asked where he could be reached, Allanon said he would be remaining in Goldshire for some time, chronicling what happened. Jherryth offered 5 gold to pay for Allanon’s lodging, which he politely refused.

Vito then told the group he needed to speak with his aunt and went upstairs,Zath’riss and Jehrryth went outside to entertain the children of the village with tales and song. The rest found another table and got food.

Vito met with Adria in her room, sharing information regarding Cantiflaas and his use of enchantment magic on the local girls. She seemed interested about how the group distracted him from his latest conquest and he told her about the efforts of The Blades. Adria found it amusing, and mentioned that the drow, Elarra, claimed the frog was her new familiar.

The group then went to Cantiflaas’ Tower and turned in their Shrieker Meat, being given 20 GP by Cantiflaas’ Apprentice.

(End of Chapter One)





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