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A Rising Darkness

Nerias Journal Chapter Nine


Star Trekkin’ across the universe

Boldly going forward ‘cause we can’t find reverse

For once the dream started with the, so called, music. I opened my imaginary eyes to find myself sitting in an uncomfortable chair that swiveled. There was some kind of metal tube partially stuck in my ear canal and I was dressed in a very tight tunic with a very short skirt and skin-tight leggings down to my hooves. I was at the edge of a circular room with slanted shelves with blinking lights around most of the edge. In the center was a large, ugly squarish throne and a tilted desk with more blinking lights and two more chairs.

The throne swiveled towards me, and I saw a male figure dressed all in black, whose face was covered by a black, cloth mask, looking at me. “So Lieutenant Neria, since you’re the communications officer, communicate. What has your little group been doing? Sensors lost track of you on your little foray beyond this reality.?”

I stood and rubbed my eyes. “We went in to the ‘memory’ looking for the last key Avshar needs and some devices we could use in the final fight, if it comes to that. Unfortunately Reality, or the hand of some malevolent over deity conspired against us and the odd inhabitants of that sub-reality managed to slow us to the point where we only came out with one device. The key and the other device are in our opponents’ hands.”

I perched myself on the counters surrounding the room. “Now were on our way, in a flying ship, to another world to probably find ourselves outpaced again.

Hey, did you know that our clerics people are being held by those grey creatures in the memory. Apparently, they are brainwashing them and then letting them out in little groups.”

The figure seemed taken aback by that statement. He leaned back in the throne and rubbed his chin. “So that’s where they’re coming from. Interesting.”

With that the figure vanished and the room started dissolving as normal sleep reclaimed me.