Campaign of the Month: April 2022

A Rising Darkness

Raiders In The Night Session 1

The group stood before the board outside The Dragon’s Pride, the group discussed their next action. After a discussion, the group decided to assist Lady Sedna in recovering her lost items. Torg, Nerian, Jherryth, and Zath’riss went to the Town Hall, and then to the Mayor’s Office. Stepping inside, they met with the Mayor’s secretary, who scheduled a meeting between Lady Sedna and The Godsmarked for 2PM the next day.

The group then returned to the Dancing Wolf for dinner before splitting up for the evening, with everyone but Nerian and Vito getting rooms at The Dragon’s Pride. Nerian and Vito’s sleep was interrupted by several drow thieves who broke in. The three who were killed (the fourth running away) bore the Mark of Skotos. 2 hand crossbows, 36 quarrels, 3 shortswords, and 3 suits of chain mail. Aleema emerged from her room, wanting to know what happened, and Vito responded with “Your security security sucks” and she responded “If you don’t like it then sleep somewhere else. I don’t provide security, just a roof and two meals.”

Early in the morning, before the rest awoke, Vito and Nerian took what they recovered from the drow to the Trading Post to sell what they had. The two each made 227 gold off of Jasmine, splitting 100 gold with the group.

Meeting up at the Dragon’s Pride, Nerian and Vito told the group of the drow attack and split (some) of the gold with the group, telling them that they didn’t have great equipment (Deception Check beat all insight checks).

The group proceeded to finish their breakfast, then made their way to The Temple of Demeter, seeking out Healing Potions. The Temple, however, did not sell their potions, only giving them out to people who are doing work for the temple, or injured people brought in who need them. The group, still wanting healing potions, made their way from there to Twali’s hut out in the forest.

Knocking on the door, the group entered, as Twali entered the room. He asked what they wanted and the group asked for healing potions. A conversation ensued with the not entirely sane man. Who offered to sell them four Preventative Healing Potions for 100gp each. When they revealed they could not afford anything he kicked them out.

After lunch the group made their way to the Mayor’s office for their meeting withLady Sedna. She arrived in an expensive gown, bejeweled at neck, finger, and ear. She says that the caravan was attacked 2 days North of Goldshire, by men in blackened chainmail, with supposedly at least one spellcaster with them. For returning the two wagon loads of personal goods, she promised the group 100 gold each. She also mentioned that the bandits should…meet an untimely end.

After agreeing to attempt this, the group decided to go to The Garrison, to attempt to speak with Lady Sorsha. The guards arranged for them to instead meet with The Seneschal, as Lady Sorsha was back in Athenia, meeting with her superiors in The Order..

The Seneschal showed them where on the road from Corm Orp the caravan was ambushed. He voiced Lady Sorsha’s suspicions that they were from Darkhold, though the Zhentish fortress was south of Goldshire. The caravan lost four guards, 2 drovers, and the two wagons with Lady Sedna’s goods which were the slowest wagons in the caravan. He also shared that the attack happened two weeks ago, and was the most recent attack the Garrison was aware of.

After gathering supplies for the journey, the party set out on the road, spending 3 days to get there, due to rain. About an hour out, the group came across two burning wagons from farmer families, all dead, the females (ages 5 and up) having suffered other things before they died. The Mark of Skotos was branded into each victim’s forehead. Torg, looking over the destruction, discovered a Harper’s pin in the ruin of the one wagon, and it tugged/guided him to a body off in the woods nearby – the body wore black chain mail, with a sword, shield, longbow, and quiver of arrows. The body had a tattoo marking him as a Zhentish soldier as well the Brand of Skotos on his left shoulder. There was also 5gp hidden in his belt.

While Jherryth looked for tracks, Thannilos examined the Harper Pin, finding nothing beyond what the group already knew. The group then buried the bodies of the victims, leaving the ‘bandit’ to rot.

Arriving at their destination, Jherryth did find evidence that wagons were dragged from the road, both west and east. The group decided to explore west of the road. As they moved off, a magical portal opened on the opposite side of the road, from which an allosaurus and several velociraptors emerged. Before the portal closed behind them, Zath’riss, Jherryth, and Nerian caught a glimpse of a man in a draconic mask, arms in the air, curved ritualistic dagger, wearing a holy symbol of Skotos about his neck.





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