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A Rising Darkness

Sylmaras Journal Chapter Nine


Sylmara sat down at the desk in the Inn the group are staying in, the parchment and ink in front of her as she started to write the letter to the Lady Anastrianna about her daughter Liadrin’s death, but after about twenty minutes of trying to find the words and failing as she looked up “How does one tell a friend that the daughter she failed over a hundred years ago had to be killed by those you travel with after she attacked you?”

She got something she was not expecting to get as she looked up to see her sister sitting on the bed “You tell her the same thing you tell the parents and loved ones of everyone you have lost, and I know for a fact that in your over a hundred years of service most of that in a leadership position you have lost many. I know you take it personally any time someone under your command dies but remember she was not under your command and she made her choice almost two hundred years ago, and made yet another one when she decided to attack you.”

Arwyn looked at her sister before she continued seeing her face “I also know that Anasrianna did not blame you for her daughter’s choices, and she won’t blame you now, and you need to stop blaming yourself, but unless I am mistaken and I know you quite well, that’s not the only thing bothering you, is it?”

Sylmara putting the writing implement down “Your right sis, my other worry is that at this point, I am not sure we are going to succeed, at this point I am not sure we can succeed, because everything we do ends up with us three steps behind, our last mission was ultimately a failed mission, as Avshars people were able to acquire the last key they needed, and destroyed the third item we needed.” Sighing as she threw the writing implement against the wall, we need a win, but I am afraid we won’t get one of those any time soon, but we will keep on fighting, the three worlds are counting on us”

Sylmara did not get a response as she looked up realizing her sister was never there, and realizing she was talking to herself the whole time “You’re right, I need to act like the three hundred year old leader that I am, and move forwards.”

As she stands up walks over picks up her writing implement as she sits back down and starts to write the letter, also realizing depression and self-doubt is not going to help win this, realizing its always darkest before the dawn and that her and her team can do this, even though they are behind right now.