Campaign of the Month: April 2022

A Rising Darkness

The Dragon's Graveyard Session 1

Arriving in Waterdeep, Vito led the group to The Elven Pantheon, seeking out a temple to Llewellyn Moonsinger. There the priestess resurrected Vanessa Damocles. Vito then arranged to meet with his mother for dinner, friends invited as well, and the group made their way to Blackstaff Tower, meeting there with Khelben.

Thannilos gave Khelben Avshar’s Phylactery to hold on to. After securing it vai means that would prevent Avshar from detecting it, the group then discussed with Khelben Avernus, and The Dragon’s Graveyard.

According to Khleben, The Graveyard was where the remains of slain dragons were transported after their death to be reborn by Tiamat. The realm itself was surrounded by Everest sized mountains, and only accessible, traditionally, by dragons. Avernus itself could either be accessed via Sigil, the City of Doors, as well as a portal rumored ot be outside Baldur’s Gate somewhere, as well as a very well protected and secured one in Myth Drannor. Finally, Khelben also told them of the possibility of “convincing” an evil Old Wyrm to transport them to and from the graveyard as such dragons could access the graveyard whenever they chose. Khleben also informed them that Allanon Hadeshorn was actually Hades, Lord of the Underworld, who agreed to destroy the Phylactery when needed. Khleben then provided them with a crystal to let him know Avshar has been defeated.

After departing Khelben’s and doing some shopping, Sylmara cast a Legend Lore to get information regarding the portal outside Baldur’s Gate. She received a vision of a huge obelisk, from which Baldur’s Gate could be seen behind, many miles off, the sun setting behind the obelisk. There was a central spire, about 200’ high, surrounded by eight smaller obelisks about 50’ high, each marked with the sigil of one of the schools of magic. Frozen in ice between each of the Eight smaller obelisks was a storm giant. As the sun set and night began, the smaller obelisks flashed one at a time – Conjuration, Evocation, Abjuration, Transmutation, Divination, Enchantment, Illusion, and Necromancy. A door then began to open in the central obelisk, and the vision ended.

Before Leaving, the group met for dinner with Vanessa. An pleasant evening was enjoyed by all, and upon the evening’s end, Vanessa gave Vito a feather from the cloak of her father, the god Varn Damocles, that would allow him and his companions to escape from anywhere once.

The next morning, Zath’riss cast Teleport Circle, and the group found themselves outside Mystra’s Temple in Baldur’s Gate. The group relaxed in an inn while Samara spent time in her Temple learning what little she could about the supposed gate. The next morning, the group departed Baldur’s Gate

As the group discussed what to do once they got into Avernus in regards to finding the Graveyard, Sylmara recalled that The Well of Dragons, rested within the Fortress of The Cult of the Dragon, was near Goldshire. A second Legend Lore revealed that the Well tapped directly into The Graveyard and was how Dracoliches were created, and therefore the group could leap into the Well to get directly to the Graveyard.

After some discussion, the group decided to take their chances with The Obelisk. Arriving there, the Obelisk appeared exactly as in the vision, Zath’riss and Sylmara examined the runes on the main obelisk, recognizing the ancient magical language of Netheril, but none we able to read it and it was immune to magical translation means. Figuring out which arcane spells were to be utilized, the group took a long rest to memorize the needed spells. The next morning the group took up their positions to attempt to activate the gate and deal with its guardians.