Campaign of the Month: April 2022

A Rising Darkness

The Final Frontier Session 3

Combat with the dragons continued. Following the battle, the group healed up and recovered the following:
387.500 gp

Amulet of the Drunkard
Bead of Force
Boomerang, +3
Broom of Flying
Daern’s Instant Fortress
Dwarven Plate
Gold Canary Figurine of Wondrous Power
Horseshoes of a Zephyr
Necklace of Fireballs
Ring of Water Walking
Sentinel Shield
Vicious Rapier, +1
Boots of Speed
Cloak of Displacement
Helm of Brilliance
Mantle of Spell Resistance
Robe of the Archmagi
12 Potions Superior Healing
8 Potion of Healing
Chest of very old scrolls
Avshar’s Phylactery

The chest contained a dozen very ancient scrolls, which crumbled mostly to dust at touch, however a single piece of parchment was recovered with the following written on it:
When Phos’ Light is chased from the sky by His Darkness
When the sky weeps for those who are gone
Then shall the barriers between the In-Between and Reality be at their weakest
Then is the time of evil magics.
When His followers are at their height
And He can answer their call with His full fury and power
It is then that all those who stand for The Light must be on their guard
When great deeds will be done against His power
And only then can He be truly vanquished from Reality
Krispos the First, Emperor of Videssoes and High Priest of Phos

Based on knowledge gained during their time in Videssoes, the group deduced the In-Between was The Astral Plane, Reality was The Prime Material, and that the time of the Ritual was most likely The Feast of the Moon (aka The WInter Solstice), which is 3 months and 4 days away.

Leaving behind the cave that the group fought the dragons in, the group spent several hours making their way out of the ruins of a crashed Star Destroyer. Emerging outside they realized they were obviously on a different planet, same sphere, as all they could see were flat, snow covered plains and freezing temperatures. The Instant Fortress was then raised and the group took shelter from the approaching blizzard. The group then took a Long Rest.

The next morning the group discovered they were buried under 4-5’ of Snow. Zath’riss used a Telepathy to contact Captain Flynn, to come and pick them up. It took another day before The Fury arrived, and the group shrunk the fortress and flew up to the Spelljammer. The Fury then began the 5 week journey back to Chornalth and Waterdeep.

1 week out of Chronalthspace, The Fury was attacked by a Cosmic Horror and 3 Void Skavers