Campaign of the Month: April 2022

A Rising Darkness

The Final Frontier Session 4

Combat with the Astral Skavers and Cosmic Horrors continued. Beat up and bedraggled, the group spent the remaining week of the voyage back to Waterdeep resting and recovering.

During the voyage back, Samara brought up the possibility of compensating Captain Flynn for his assistance and losses assisting the group, with some of the magical items the group as well as cash. The group agreed on giving The Fury: Cloak of Protection, Wand of Paralysis, Wand of the warmage, and Boots of Speed.

Arriving in Waterdeep, Vito led the group to The Elven Pantheon, seeking out a temple to Llewellyn Moonsinger. There the priestess resurrected Vanessa Damocles. Vito then arranged to meet with his mother for dinner, friends invited as well, and the group made their way to Blackstaff Tower, meeting there with Khelben.

Thannilos gave Khelben Avshar’s Phylactery to hold on to. After securing it vai means that would prevent Avshar from detecting it, the group then discussed with Khelben Avernus, and The Dragon’s Graveyard.

According to Khleben, The Graveyard was where the remains of slain dragons were transported after their death to be reborn by Tiamat. The realm itself was surrounded by Everest sized mountains, and only accessible, traditionally, by dragons. Avernus itself could either be accessed via Sigil, the City of Doors, as well as a portal rumored ot be outside Baldur’s Gate somewhere, as well as a very well protected and secured one in Myth Drannor. Finally, Khelben also told them of the possibility of “convincing” an evil Old Wyrm to transport them to and from the graveyard as such dragons could access the graveyard whenever they chose. Khleben also informed them that Allanon Hadeshorn was actually Hades, Lord of the Underworld, who agreed to destroy the Phylactery when needed. Khleben then provided them with a crystal to let him know Avshar has been defeated.

(Episode Concluded Here)